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Feedback, evaluation and corrective measures - The results of the trial series have to be evaluated to ensure that the products meet the customer's requirements. Products missing identification may lead to mix-ups and incorrect deliveries and are to be regarded as barred until their identity is cleared. These should be quantifiable and able to be verified It is defined in the requirements specification what sort of task lies before and why it is to be solved. The interfaces to the customer are to be defined. They also serve the purpose of system consultancy.

The identification applies to all areas of the company material receiving, production, stores, etc. The required qualification profile must be defined. Based on a risk analysis a minimum amount of spare parts must be kept in stock for bottleneck machines and equipment. Title and purpose of the manual reflect the scope of application. Boost productivity - through the identification of problem areas during the audits, which could help to reduce or eliminate downtime and minimise wastage during the manufacturing process.


It is therefore a primary function of business management. Company specifications must cover the requirements specified by the customer.

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The performance specification contains the requirements specification. The corresponding work instructions must be available at site. In the event of deviations from the specified value they must be manually or automatically regulated again e. The first sample status must be known at material receiving. Targets suppliers in the German automotive industry.

VDA revision update

VDA revision update

If this is not the case, the process capability must be reached through process analysis and optimization. The way in which a product is to be inspected and tested must be defined in inspection instructions for every relevant inspection characteristic in the production process, right through to delivery. Equal procedures and processes are permitted. We help you get started by conducting a pre-audit check to identify areas for improvement. When required by the customer, accredited laboratory facilities are to be used.

The inspection during production is a comparison between the requirement specification and the actual result of each work sequence on the product. If inspections are carried out externally, the same regulations apply.

Job descriptions and organization charts serve, among other things, to endorse employees, clarify relationships at interfaces and provide evidence of relevant duties. Maintenance is to be presented in a clear form with time structure e. When the requirements are not met the corrective actions must be comprehensible. Tools specifically linked to parts and inspection and test equipment must be related to a defined release or revision status of the related product.

VDA - QM - system audit - European Standards

Are the environmental conditions which influence product and process controlled? Processes and responsibilities must be defined, e. For the process development plan, current milestone plans, network plans etc. Special identification instructions from customers are to be followed A clear presentation of all types of documents is useful.

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This allows the timely introduction of corrective actions and prevents further processing of defective materials. They determine the requirements for a product, vocabulario aleman por temas pdf the market demand and the customer requirements. Recognized improvement possibilities must be implemented without delay according to a plan to be defined.

Marketing includes market research, marketing and sales. Are the experiences from process planning and development documented and are they available to all relevant areas? This applies particularly to copying, translations, microfilming and the storage or processing in electronic systems. If necessary, they must lead to decisions regarding actions to be taken.

It must be ensured that controlled conditions are available. Points to be considered are, e. How and with what the requirements are to be realized is defined in the performance specification. Therefore the requirements and assessment criteria, as well as the selection mode must be defined. To do this, qualification criteria must be defined, such as, e.

Are there methods to measure business results and are they used regularly in order to introduce improvements? Thereby, all actions should have the aim to continually improve the processes within the scope of a zero-failure strategy.

Suppliers tasks are also to be included in the review. The measured variables are orientated towards the company strategy and to the corporate aims and plans.

VDA - QM - system audit - European Standards

The qualification profile must be appropriately demonstrated. In many cases procedures are documented e. Detailed description of the working steps of an activity. Product trials must be considered in the project plan.

The manufacturing of products. Is a procedure available that ensures the early and clear notification of all product specifications to all areas involved? This allows comparison of the audit results. Prevention of nonconformances has priority over detection of nonconformances. They must not come from the organizational unit to be audited.

The company must demonstrate this by means of visit reports. First samples are products and materials which have been completely manufactured with standard equipment under series conditions. In cases of noncompliance, comprehensive measures are to be taken. This can only be excluded through a clear process organization.

This information is to be made available to all relevant areas. Are the demands placed on products and processes audited and evaluated internally on the basis of an audit plan?