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Is it hard for you to identify with the feelings of other people? Do you easily become angry?

Have you ever felt that there was something about your body or your appearance that wasnt rightsomething that other people didnt seem to recognize? At that time, how did your body look to you? Excessive menstrual bleeding?

The First Interview-morrison-forms.pdfThe first interview james morrison pdf

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Morrison is sensitive to and respectful of the patient while recognizing the clinician's need to get as much information as possible. Adult Life Are you married? Have you felt that youve lost the ability to feel love or other strong emotions? If so, please tell me about that. Has your substance use caused you distress or impaired your functioning?

What happened to this person? Can you tell me about your current sexual interests? Does the fear that youll lose support make it hard for you to disagree with others?

Have you used substances even when doing so was physically dangeroussuch as driving a vehicle? Thin, fat, or about right?

Have you ever used money that wasnt yours to gamble with? Disciplinary problems in military? This book has much to offer. Have you ever felt that people were spying on you, talking behind your back, or working against you in some other way? When you are depressed, do your arms or legs feel heavy, rather like lead?

The First Interview Fourth Edition

Do you feel worthless or more guilty than warranted about somethingnot just about feeling sick? How important was your body weight or shape to you then? Have you had fears or phobias related to anything? Have you ever felt you had some sort of a special mission in life perhaps a divine purpose or higher calling?

The first interview james morrison pdf

When did you first learn about sex? This clearly written, highly practical, foxpro 2.6 pdf step-by-step guide to conducting the first interview is filled with wisdom. How old were you at your first sexual experience?

Have you had any interpersonal problems at work? If they fought, what about? How many such periods have you had? Do you feel that other people would like to deceive, exploit, or harm you? Were you reared by both parents?

The first interview james morrison pdf

If so, how often does this thought occur to you? Heart pounding, racing, or skipping beats? If so, please tell me about it. Have you ever been treated for such an episode?

Asks brief, single questions g. Graduate clinical training programs often do not provide finely grained, detailed instruction on conducting and reporting on the initial session.

Does this sort of fear seem unreasonable or out of proportion to you? When you are depressed, do you lose your sense of pleasure in almost everything? Have you ever made a suicide attempt?

May be recommended to the keener medical student, to all psychiatric trainees and to those of their seniors who may wonder if their long-ago-acquired interviewing skills are as good as they might be. This book is indispensable for students first learning to work with clients, and is a valuable reference for experienced practitioners wishing to enhance their interviewing skills. Morrison, for providing this essential guide. The First Interview-morrison-forms.

Were you afraid of gaining weight? Key events in course of illness e.