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This method offers an iterative scheme for applying slope deflection method. The moment at the near end of a member is the algebraic sum of a fixed end moment at near end. Should any of the ideas appear to be viable, they can be explored further. Can you utilize the idea in another place? Is it possible to create multiple copies?

PDF) Chapter 3 Kani s Method for Analysis of Indeterminate

What can you overstate or exaggerate? Let Mab and Mba be the end moments.

Share your thoughts and experience. Can you utilize other materials or ingredients? So join, force together or affiliate two or more elements pertaining to your subject matter and contemplate routes by which such a combination could possibly take you to a solution. Pose a question to yourself about which ideas you can produce if you magnify or modify your situation or problem. The procedure is illustrated in following example.

What could be the result of combining the product in question with another, to develop something new? Is it possible to replace someone involved? Is there a similarity between the current situation and something else?

For this third equation we can use a global equilibrium equation. If lateral displacements are unknown then additional equations have to be developed for analyzing the member. You entered an incorrect username or password.

Consider various members meeting at joint A. Remember me on this computer. Turn on employer branding and benefit from more relevant job applicants and shorter time-to-hire. We will need three equilibrium conditions since we have three independent unknowns.

This is a wonderful idea it has helped me to refine my ways of thinking now I know steps to take to bring out my ideas. The possibilities include steps in a process, product parts, the people or the place.

Contemplate how you can put your current idea to different uses or what could be reused from elsewhere so as to fix your own problem. However, Ecoscraps converts food waste into compost. Food waste from grocery stores and restaurants would usually end up in landfills, and putrefy. The chord rotation is negative because it's clockwise.

PDF) Chapter 3 Kani s Method for Analysis of Indeterminate

With this substitute member, the analysis need to be carried out for only, podstawy programowania java pdf one half of the frame considering line of symmetry as fixed. Which rules can you substitute or change? What resources or materials can you swap or substitute to enhance the product?

What Documents to Send to Investors? Can you change an aspect of your process or product to enhance it?

Step 2 C for Combine

This may be a product that you wish to enhance, which you think would be a favorable starting point for later development or which you presently have problems with. Analyze the continuous beam shown in fig.

It takes quite a bit to establish and to nurture professional investor relationships. Then, you would have to take a look at the answers that were brainstormed.

9.6 The Slope-Deflection Method for Sway Frames

Values of fixed end moments, sum of fixed end moments, rotation factors along with rotation contribution values after end of each cycle in appropriate places has been shown in fig. How to combine resources and talent to develop a new way of thinking directed at the product? Modify the goal of the subject. All copyrights are reserved by the author, Prof.

Fancy hands altered the virtual assistant model by developing a system to facilitate an expansive distributed team to cope with the tasks, rather than making all to be seated in an office. Anything can be an item for substitution. Is there anything you can make bigger, higher or larger? What parts, ideas or materials could be possibly combined? What or who could you imitate to adapt this product to fulfill another use or purpose?

What aspect of the product can you make stronger to develop something new? First, let's find the necessary equilibrium conditions. Frequently, an idea only turns out to be great when applied in a different manner than first imagined.

What would happen if you modified the process in some way? Can different elements be combined to enhance it? What process or product could you utilize? The next step is to use the slope-deflection equations to find the end moments at either end of each member.

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Chord Rotations in a Sway Frame. Recall that a sway frame is simply a frame that has translational in addition to rotational degrees of freedom.

Are there any ideas outside your field that you can incorporate? Hence above equations can be stated as follows. Take away a part of the selected thing, concept or situation and replace it with something else. Is there a solution you can take from somewhere else and mold it to suit this one? Get on promotion fasstrack and increase tour lifetime salary.

Contemplate what would happen if you eliminated components or elements of your idea or if you minimized, reduced or simplified aspects of it. In a continuous beam shown in fig. What can you add to change this product? How can i apply scamper technique on usb? Once largely the province of science fiction, roboticss already permeate our daily lives.

Is it possible to raise the price by increasing value? Contemplate why it exists, its purpose of use and what it is assumed to do. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. This is in line with the view of many creativity experts that creativity has to do with combining already existing things in a fresh way. This method was developed by Dr.