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Structural FabricationRookies will experience the digitization of a historically hands-on field

Numerous baby boomers lived through an incredible transition, from chalk and soapstone to complete digitization. Beams are literally not handled by a human until just before welding. The advanced software and automatic robot calibration eliminates manual programming, saving you time and money. If he chose welding, he benefited from a shop that required a lot of it. The beam line at Zalk Josephs has no need for an overhead crane.

Home Article Shop Management Structural fabrication, the next generation. Our newest beam coping machine features high definition plasma cutting, which produces faster cutting speed and enables piercing and cutting thicker material. Its ability to reach all four sides of a profile without manual intervention increases proficiency and decreases turn-around time. Photo courtesy of Ficep Corp. People wield plasma and oxyfuel torches to cut weld preps, then grind for a while sometimes a long while before the piece finally moves on to welding.

Structural fabrication the next generation

Over the years he worked his way up from a welder and fabricator to become a department lead, supervisor, and then manager of operations. Elevations with all Bracing and its connection details. Previous generations were drawn by the hands-on work. Machine operators today are at the helm of extremely productive and advanced machinery.

Then he recalled getting his first floppy disks, hand-delivered from the office. Photo courtesy of Peddinghaus Corp. In some operations, the equipment cuts the beam to length and drills. Between and the technology pretty much stayed the same.

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We are your complete fabricating resource. Now automation can eliminate the need for an overhead crane for much of the operation. The magazine delivers the news, technical articles, and case histories that enable fabricators to do their jobs more efficiently. He could then be promoted to a fitter and layout person.


This seems to be the one bright spot in an otherwise challenging situation, where new generation meets old, where new technology has made the pace of work faster than ever. That illustrates how dramatically structural fabrication has changed. All this occurs offline, before the job is released to the floor. Just to get those templates done took a week or two.

Structural fabrication the next generation

To get buildings finished on time, they know they need to react quickly to changes, and the technology helps them react faster. The better job we do in the office, the better job the machine operator can do.

Youth entering structural fabrication will have a different career, one that in fact may be somewhat smooth-going. Related Companies Ficep Corp.

First is the nature of commercial structural work. Structural fabrication is now digitized, which in turn has changed the very nature of the job. Programming occurs offline automatically, which is a key component, dish latino max channels pdf considering the variety of parts that flow through a structural fab operation. Call today and make Sioux City Foundry your preferred supplier for all your custom structural fabrication needs.

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Steel tape and paper drawings remain, at least to some extent, but the source of the information has changed. The information was all based off of the paper drawing. For months or years a welder could practice laying relatively simple joints, then move up to more complicated work as his skills progressed. From there he could be promoted to a lead person who assisted the department supervisor.


Dave Sailing has seen it all at Zalk Josephs Fabricators, from soapstone to building information modeling. Embedded Plates Layouts and Details. Fabrication drawing for each part with complete dimensional and machining details. Parts also now have bar codes that, when scanned, send information directly back to production control software. We know that we make money from beams out the door, not piles on the floor.

After cutting and drilling, the steel tape would come back out. Then we manually punched or drilled all holes on a drill press.

The automation means that what jobs there are seem somewhat simple, at least on the surface. At best, the rookie joins the organization and develops a passion for the work, but for different reasons. Hard copies of drawings are taken for manual checking. In Europe, for instance, some beam lines are entirely automated, from initial cutting to the final weldment. After blast cleaning, automation moves the beams with no overhead crane to some truly advanced machinery.

Structural Steel Fabrication Drawings. Automated material handling systems carry beams from blasting through cutting, drilling, and robotic coping.