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The same shall be food handling issues are applicable even if this activity is Infection Control Manual included in the manual. Organisation has a documented procedure for handling such outbreaks. Objective Element Interpretation Remarks a The organization has The sentinel events relating to defined sentinel events. Death certificate evident cause, creo 2.0 pdf date and time of death.

The record provides a complete, up-to-date and chronological account of patient care. Andre Luiz Cosendey Tavares. Those responsible for governance address the organisations social responsibility. Sound inventory control practices guide storage of medical supplies and consumables. Patients are informed of their rights and educated about their responsibilities at the time of admission.

Objective Element Interpretation Remarks a The organization has The organization should develop documented admission objective criteria and adhere to it. The organisation implements processes for sorting, labelling, handling, storage, transporting and disposal of hazardous material.

The organisation adheres to cleaning, disinfection and sterilization practices. The organization shall maintain a record of transfusion reactions. Documented policies and procedures guide the triage of patients for initiation of appropriate care.

The events during a cardiopulmonary resuscitation are recorded. Percentage of unplanned ventilation following anaesthesia. Medical Records entry is dated and timed.

The policies and procedures are known to all categories of staff of the organisation. Appropriate pre- and post-exposure prophylaxis is provided to all staff members concerned.

NABH Documentation with Manual Procedures for Hospital Accreditation

Sentinel events are intensively analyzed. The records of it effective leadership.

Objective Element Interpretation Remarks

It is Infection Control Manual included. The organisation implements the policies and procedures laid down in the Infection Control Manual in all areas of the hospital.

Intensive Care Unit

Provision of patient care is a complex activity that is highly dependent on communication of information. Human resources are an asset for effective and efficient functioning of a hospital.

Timing is verified from the order prior to administration. Objective Element Interpretation Remarks a Policies guide the transfer The organization shall at the outset of unstable patients to define as to who is an unstable patient. The plan is tested at least twice a year. The management has a mechanism which ensures implementation of these requirements.

These could then be used as whenever possible. Care is guided by functional assessment and periodic re-assessment which is done and documented by qualified individual s.

NABH Manual
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Staff are educated and trained in end of life care. Operative and other procedures performed are incorporated in the medical record. The organisation defines and displays whether high-risk obstetric cases can be cared for or not.

Surveillance activities are appropriately directed towards the identified high-risk areas and procedures. However in case of making. Those responsible for governance support research activities. Policies and procedures guide nutritional therapy.

Monitoring implemented and shall be done by members of the monitored. Information about the patients care and response to treatment is shared among medical, nursing and other care-providers. Patients are monitored after sedation and the same documented.

Documented procedures are laid down for timely and accurate dissemination of data. Patients cared for by the organization undergo an established initial assessment. The pharmacy should have oversight of all medications stocked out of the pharmacy. Laboratory results are available within a defined time frame.

Surveillance activities include monitoring the compliance with hand-hygiene guidelines. The organisation provides adequate space and appropriate zoning for sterilization activities. Policies and procedures guide the care of patients undergoing surgical procedures. Every medical record has a unique identifier.

Policies and procedures exist for retention time of records, data and information. There is a documented operational and maintenance preventive and breakdown plan for equipment.

The management makes available resources required for the infection control programme. It should include the policies, procedures and practices of the infection control programme.

The organisation displays professionalism in management of affairs. Policies and procedures guide the safe dispensing of medications. The organisation is led by a suitably qualified and experienced individual. Medical Audit Report documents any Medicall Records deficiencies in records.

Material Management strategic plan. The parameters could be disease based, cost based, community based or based on length of stay. The infection control programme is supported by hospital management and includes training of staff and employee health. Engineering Department detail the site layout, floor plans and fire escape routes. Administrative policies and procedures for each department are maintained.

NABH Manual

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