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Here is the list of the most asked collections interview questions with answers. For extensive list of java programs, urdu grammar pdf free please go to java interview programs. Maven interview questions. Core Java interview questions. Explain about the new concurrent collections in Java?

But sometimes you may want to implement another kind of ordering, for instance, to sort the numbers in descending order. Queue Interface is typically used for implementation holding elements in order for some processing.

How do you loop around an array using enhanced for loop? What is the output of the program below? BlockingQueue is an interface which extends the Queue interface.

This type of operations includes searching, sorting, inserting, manipulation and deletion. This has severe performance impact. List interface extends Collection interface. Lower method finds the highest element lower than specified element. The main difference lies when the Queue is empty.

We will now insert a Cricketer with key dravid. What are asserts used for?

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SortedSet Interface extends the Set Interface. Security The Spring Security guides. Note that elements in TreeSet are sorted. Iterate loop For loop For loop advances While loop. The Map interface represents a key-value data structure with unique keys and no more than one value for each key.

Can you briefly explain about the Set interface? We will now insert a Cricketer with key ponting. What is state of an object? What are the default values in an array? Can you give an example of how Generics make a program more flexible?

This is why the Guava library has Maps. In addition, an implementation of SortedMap interface maintains keys in a sorted order. It will provides default way of sorting custom objects. Can you write a synchronized program with wait and notify methods? What are the important things to consider when implementing equals method?

Explain about the Deque interface? You may then use the instance of this class to override the natural ordering of the Collections. It behaves like ArrayList with two main differences. The first is that a Vector is synchronized and secondly, it brings in some additional methods which are not part of the Collections Framework. The load factor of a HashMap is the ratio of the element count divided by the bucket count i.

LinkedHashSet implements set interface and exposes similar operations to a HashSet. What access types of variables can be accessed from a sub class in same package? It contains duplicate elements.

Java Collections interview questions and answers

Java Collections Interview Questions & Answers

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Can you extend an interface? Reload to refresh your session. To add a new element to the array, a new array has to be created with bigger size and all the elements from the old array copied to new array.

Iterators for different collections are either fail-fast or fail-safe, depending on how they react to concurrent modifications. What are the differences between the Java collection and the Java list? The collection is basically a root interface of Java.

If nothing happens, download Xcode and try again. In the map interfaces, the keys can be of any of the objects. BlockedQueue allows the consumer to wait for a specified time or infinitely for an element to become available.

The capacity is the number of buckets in the hash table, and the initial capacity is simply the capacity at the time the hash table is created. It is slower than the HashMap for most cases, but it allows keeping the elements in order according to some Comparator. The Property is a subclass of Hashtable. What are the important interfaces in the collection hierarchy? What do you do if only parts of the object have to be serialized?

Java Collections interview questions and answers