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Very important book for last minute preparation. This is a really good book in perspective of architecture as a simple view of how the actual hardware is organised is given. Database Systems Connolly, Begg. Webpage for Digital logic. It contains everything in a very well written way.

Most of the data structure concepts are covered in Cormen, but for those finding data structure problems difficult to do can use this book. Tech in Electronics and Tele-communications. Operating System Principles. Keep making good notes if you read his book. That's why it's called handbook.

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This book paired with Tanenbaum strikes the perfect balance. But you have to read this book very deeply page by page. Database System Concepts Silberschatz. The explanation for pipeline execution and hazards are really good. To the uninitiated, Tanenbaum may bog you down in implementation specific details, so much so that at times, you may loose sight of the forest a midst the trees.

This book is provided by Arihant publication. But due to lack of strategies and Study material they are unable to do that. Introduction to Theory of Computation.

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Hi, I am an Engineering student of final year, I am looking for Gate Coaching in Bangalore for the preparation, please let me know about ths one? Sir, create pdf using itextsharp in c I want to know about the book for ecology and evaluation for gate examination. If you have this book you don't ever need to think about joining any coaching for your Gate exam preparation. You can also check some pages of almost all books mentioned above using Google Books.

If you are starting the subject, go with it. The whole previous year questions are divided into the subject which is further divided into chapters. Best book for Discrete Mathematics.

Many local books, skips difficult to digest concepts and make easy to read books- but to get everything you have to follow this book. Good reference books are essential for such national level competitive examination. Thank you very much for your support to free material arrangements.

The C Programming Language. Read the features of this book below. Computer Netwroks Tanenbaum, Wetherall.

To really understand the working of C, you must read this book. Can you please provide me material for Computer Organization and Cache memory?

Computer Organization and Architecture. One can not neglect the amazing book by Tanenbaum. Tenenbaum Recommended for data structure concepts. Then, this is the best book to do that.

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Introduction to Graph Theory Douglas B. So, follow him to learn professional blogging from him. Sir I want to prepare Gate cse please send me material of computer science Thank you.

Just Think what makes toppers different from others. Modern Operating Systems Tanenbaum. Ramachandran Among two of the best introductions to this subject, the other one being by Carl Hamacher. The best part is that it is topic-wise.

Webpage for Computer Networks. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Computer Networks Peterson, Davie. Tell any desired option to get the notes. Introduction to Automata Theory, Languages, and Computation.

Hello sir, Plzzzzz sir send me information technology notes for gate preparation. Strikes the perfect balance between theory and implementation. By the way, It's your decision to buy book or not. You can follow here for questions.

Twitter Google WhatsApp Facebook. Linear Algebra and its Applications Gilbert Strang. No need to waste your time on making the formula sheet or short notes. Develops the intuition behind algorithms with excellent examples. Database Management Systems Raghu Ramakrishnan.

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