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Kohl led a few introductory Ice Magick exercises whose purpose remained impenetrable to those present. But this is really only part of the problem. Using mainly my ideas and his contacts and organizational skills, we had created a blossoming magical order doing much innovative work. In the last part he writes about the labour plan of icemagick where he outlines what happens in his seminars - mainly body movement and how to speak.

Ian's notorious self-proclaimed right wing ideology had to be made fit into the overall picture somehow, and actual facts were a negligible quantity in this disturbed equation. Grim accusations of treachery, deceit, and megalomania flew back and forth for several hours with no ground given. My last ritual as effective Head of the Order awaited me, I did not intend to go quietly. An element of revenge on both our parts probably coloured this interaction. Tegtmeyer described Ice Magick as he does later in this text too always as something superior to chaos magick.

No wonder he wasn't interested, let alone that he was fearful towards its study in the pact. Yes, I have received quite a few inquiries over the years. It seems that Pete Carroll first didn't even recognize him. The Order, by now just four years old, met annually in an Austrian castle for a fortnight of work, fun, sex and ideas exchange. Few Americans came that year, but their new No.

Metaphysical paradigms often set the themes for entire cultural changes. Immediately afterwards a tense situation developed in the castle courtyard when we confronted the Brothers with the Council's decision.

Here at last, at the eleventh hour, I saw a glimmer of hope. They held a brief meeting which came to nothing. Soro Benevide who is probably one of the most gnarly female magicians in the world was attacked by Helmet when she decided enough was enough. Gradually a new German Section evolved from the ruins.

Hell only knows why I did not intervene. Its paradigm has influenced virtually the whole of western magick with a current of eclecticism and a rejection of the principles of absolutism, guruship and totalitarianism. Everybody had a wild ecstatic time, and Kohl and I quite amicably had a scene with Soror Babs, a sorceress of his previous acquaintance.

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Kohl prided himself on his ability to have the last word in any session lasting into the small hours. He seems to have retired from his preeminent position at the pinnacle of magick in the German speaking world. In his self-published book eismagie. He threatened people who wanted out of the ice shelters with cancer if they'd leave him. Tegtmeyer as a linguist knows much better!

For sure, there was substantial interest in Helmets abilities. In the end we left it at stalemate, and in ill humour, started to put together a seminar programme. The accounts of this story are all shoddy so many members of the Chaos Magick community are interested in learning more about Ice Magick. It went so far, he even threatened me physically before witnesses. If things had gone badly, Kohl and the Ice Lord would have ended up at the head of the cream of the western world's magicians with the Order's communications infrastructure in their hands.

However, just how many of them would have submitted to their intimidation and insane theories, remains an open question. Magical exercises combined with a rigorious training period created an accerlerated experience, however stressfull. They left, but after the meeting the Austrian No. Reportedly, he now tries to sell unorthodox financial advice on the Internet.

After a certain amount of acrimonious debate it seemed that they would both leave with their followers, but then the excommunicant followed the Austrian No. As a reputed master of internal martial arts, the Ice Lord could apparently deliver lightning bolts with his fingertips and paralyse adversaries at a distance.

The Order meeting ended rather sombrely the following afternoon with many uncertainties about the future. If you manage to wade through the seemingly endless chapters you can only come to the conclusion that it's all just a sham. So he felt insecure and certainly betrayed all around, even though none of the latter had taken place.

In the late s, during his active participation in the order, Tegtmeier developed the concept of cyber magic. Further up he claimed that he wouldn't be an expert in psychology cough. Eventually I confronted Kohl over a table in the apartments of the Section Head. According to Kohl, the Ice Lord's theories and methods lay aeons ahead of anything our magical order got up to. Kohl went utterly thermonuclear and spent an hour ranting at me on the phone.

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The seminar and meeting went well, with everyone determined to preserve and develop the traditions of Chaos Magick. Then there's the luxury binding, etc. And it's not as if I hadn't given Pete chances galore to at least inform himself about what I was into. He could do this as he had made the Seminar and accommodation arrangements. For one thing he never uses capitals.

The Seminar did not go particularly well. This article originally appeared in Chaos International No. We both gave the performance of a lifetime.

As an introduction it is poorly written. Todays German pact is extremely liberal.

Soror Babs, on whom I mistakenly thought I could rely, arrived with Soror Sapphia, who took instant exception to the accommodation arrangements of Babs and I. So often in the past I had eventually, after copious sacraments, conceded at best a metaphysical armistice, pleaded exhaustion, deferred to his stamina, and gone to bed. For instance, he got this idea and undertool great efforts to promulgate it that we were some sort of neo-fascist white suprematist oddball outfit working towards world domination. As you may know, I am more or less bilingual, and a former professional translator to boot with some translated books and countless shorter pieces both fiction and non-fiction to my credit. Soror Babs sought gentler magics and we still exchange infrequent postcards.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Order would now flourish. The majority of the Germans present seemed to side with Kohl and they occupied the dungeon-like taverna each evening, whilst the Austrians and Brits tended to socialize on the terraces.

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It was a sort of bargain I had made with myselves. Events then moved rapidly through crisis and farce.

Ice Magick is full of secrecy, the very thing Carroll opposed. Exactly, that's why you thought you had nothing to fear.

However what is really annoying is the language Frater V. The first practical exercise Frater V. There is actually an English translation in the works. Ich habe einen ganzen Arsch voll Dokumente zu dem Thema, die ich von meiner mentorin geerbt habe. Pete, by the way, was one of the first two people I ever told about this encounter - he was a friend and a magical partner, or so I thought, tda1006 pdf until uncontrolled egomania got the better of him.