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Drum brakes as the shoes wear, brake pedal travel would increase were it not for the adjusters. Maintenance of drum brakes is more time-consuming, doors to perception pdf compared to disc brakes. The drum should be skimmed to insure concentricity after installation.

Drum Brake Analysis and Modifications

Additional holes may provide alternate choices. The possible, the air inlet scoop is part of the backing plate. Thin gauge aluminum sheet can be easily bent over a large pipe into a conical shape, cut with a saw, and attached to the backing plate with pop rivets or small screws. Weight removal from the drum should be radially symmetrical since it affects balance, and the wheel must be re-balanced after all weight removal operations are completed.

In some cases, the backing plate is not rigid enough to prevent bending on full application. However, the brake backing plates can be trimmed back at the axle support boss.

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One of the reasons of doing this is because the parking brake can be located inside the rear drum brakes whereas with a rear disc brake, it is more expensive to include a parking brake. Drum brake disadvantages Excessive heating can happen due to heavy braking, which then can cause the drum to distort, and thus cause vibration under braking.

What is a fuel filter and what does it do? Shrinkage on cooling would have a compressive force, both insure stable mounting but also a good thermal interface. The box width should be sized to a tight fit when the backing plate is relaxed, and as thick as possible to just provide clearance to the backing plate when assembled.

This must be done accurately and carefully, since too much heat will cause the disc to contract too much on cooling and either crack or over-stress the drum. Common Brake Issues and Causes. Drum brakes have a built-in self energizing effect that requires less input force such as hydraulic pressure Wheel cylinders are simpler to recondition than with disc brake calipers. Drum return springs that pull the shoes back away from the drums when the brakes are released, may be worn, stretched or broken. The extended Norton arms shown, above right, are available from muttznuts.

The minimum safe separation distance for a new clevis hole is roughly the hole diameter. Drums have slightly lower frequency of maintenance due to better corrosion resistance. New washers as thick as possible to just clear the existing fasteners can be welded to the ends of a rectangular box-section tube, or simply extend the. Here the exit hole s must be far away from the entry making the path as long as possible to force air to absorb heat from the shoes and drum. This reduces hand effort to this degree, but the shorter cable movement may not apply the brake fully before the lever bottoms out on the grip.

Drum brakes can provide more braking force than an equal diameter disc brake. For best effect, these devices should be flat black, and soldered or brazed in place.

The flanges can be thinned from both sides on a large lathe, but be careful not to reduce the thickness at the spoke holes too much. There is no lever or other existing component that increases cable travel with reduced effort. The scoop entry must stand proud of the backing plate surface or much of the area will not be exposed to the airstream at any useful speed. If the drum or hub is stiffened by cast-in ribs or vanes, the pattern and number of holes should be divisible by the number of ribs. The bracket angle is exaggerated for illustration, the actual angle should be less radical to reduce the amount of additional cable slack needed.

Understanding your car's master cylinder. If they break, the debris can jam itself between the shoes and drum causing the brake to drag or bind. Brake shoes can be remanufactured for future use. If this heat is not controlled, the high temperature will reach the hub, the grease in the wheel bearings will liquify and the bearings will fail. Not enough heat will cause a loose fit on cooling with reduced heat transfer.

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Although some increase the surface area by darkening the color, unless sparingly applied the result may still be a net loss. Click the picture for a larger view.

The Pros and Cons of cars with drum brakes

The drum can be both lightened and ventilated by drilling or milling holes through its vertical panel surface directly opposite the backing plate. This makes it a better choice for smaller forks such as Betor, Ceriani and original British equipment. The shoes will only make partial contact and wear unevenly.

The adjusters, however, are susceptible to corrosion and sticking. Before we go any further it's vital that you never attempt any mechanical work on your car or truck unless you know what you're doing. Since this is in compression when loaded to prevent the cams from being squeezed together, reducing motion to the shoes it must be substantial in cross-section and mount without end-play. The rear scoop can be secured to the swing-arm, rear chainguard etc. The length can be also increased by adding adapting a longer arm, or adding material to the existing arm.

If the pad friction is enough, the brake will stay engaged due to self-application, even when the external application force is released. Drum brakes last longer because drum brakes have increased friction contact area than a disc.

Brake shoes can overheat to the point where they become glazed. Do not chrome, polish, coat or paint any brake parts except as needed to prevent corrosion.

In some cases the backing plate is the only available location for an exit. This pressure is higher than the atmospheric, so the air will be forced out of the drum vents without any air management devices on the drum.

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All surface coatings are a barrier to heat loss by radiation and convection. Make sure you have an experienced assistant nearby, and if in doubt, leave it to the professionals! Various Japanese and European levers may interchange with the same caveats. Adjuster springs, help maintain tension on the adjusters, but lack of its use can allow cables to corrode and stick in place, preventing the parking brake from applying or releasing. Fabrication of a trumpet extension looks attractive but remember that this adds weight, and the horn itself is cantilevered from the point of attachment on the backing plate.

The Pros and Cons of cars with drum brakes

The Pros and Cons of cars with drum brakes

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