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Berlin is one of the perfect cities to have a shopping experience. Steglitz and Lichterfelde are two of them. During the winter people tend to stick indoors.

This walking tour is offered in English, German and Spanish. Combine three tours in one and experience a spectacular journey through the same places and events that changed the political and social history of Germany and the whole world.

Try out a shopping spree through Berlin's coolest second hand shops or one with a professional stylist. Unique things to do in Berlin The best way is the local way! How best to get to Berlin? On this free tour, our guides will show you all the details of the Berlin Wall and the places where everything happened.

Try eating, shopping, sight seeing, museums and do not forget Potsdam. Another massive draw is the world famous Christmas Markets that open their gates many weeks before the actual holiday. Likewise, the paid tours tend to be smaller groups with a wide range of ages for participants. River cruises and boat trips in Berlin on Spree river, on Landwehr canal or over the Wannsee.

This museum takes about three hours to see if you see it all. Berlin is celebrating years of Bauhaus.


Berlin is one of the best cities in Europe to explore. Looking for a different, non-touristy thing to do in Berlin? This trip is available in both English and Spanish, making it easily accessible for many travelers. Berlin - a fabulous, diverse city to explore by mrsmarr. Both, the bunker and the Reich Chancellery where demolished after the war in order not to become sites of pilgrimage.

We will take you on a journey through the most recent history of Belin. Berlin is a city with many different neighborhoods. Hop on and hop off the bus at any station of the city tour of Berlin's city centre. This does not make it a bad time to visit. Rising from the rubble after World War Two and the Berlin Wall has created a truly unique place like no other on earth.

All the hostels come with free WiFi and many include breakfast. Here is an overview of the various introduction to Berlin tours available to you. You can use the same ticket on trains, buses, and trams.

You can do almost anything in Berlin! Romantic Guide to Berlin by Jeroen M. Mitte is great for history and architecture but the residential areas of Berlin are where the real atmosphere and life is.

All Things to do in Berlin. Exploring Berlin with someone who calls the city home is the best way to feel like a local yourself. An unforgettable journey through the historic center from its medieval past to its present. West Kreuzberg Walking Tour.

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The tour with Milena was amazing. This museum focuses on life in East Berlin during Communist rule.

You can see some of the examples of Hellenistic sculptures. Whether a trendy restaurant or a curry sausage, whether vegan or a burger, from street food markets to market halls to snack bars, we show. Go on a hunt for clues and experience fascinating encounters with the past throughout the entire.

Simply let your local host know where your hobbies and interests lie, and they will show you where to go and what to do to see the find the best things to see in Berlin! Berlin is the tale of two cities. With so many different options, it can be difficult to choose just one tour. Check out our overview of Berlin bike tours for more information. Experience the unique charm of an enduring German Christmas tradition!

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Guided tours are available for different topics. Berlin has five rivers and several canals.

Working as a tour guide combines my love of history and politics with important and historical backdrops to share with travellers on our tours. At the end of your personalized tour, you can have a taste of some delicious traditional goods. As the city's longest-operating English language walking tour company, corticoide pdf our experience is unmatched. Startseite English Tourism Guides.


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Best Food in Kreuzberg, Berlin Kreuzberg is known for having great cheap, street food, particularly of the Middle Eastern variety. Your host will make sure you have a completely personalized experience and see all the cool spots of the place. This city still manages to amaze me since you will never be able to know every corner. City of emperors and kings, Potsdam is both beautiful and unmissable! You can also take the Alternative Berlin tour, which showcases the artsy side of Berlin.

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And straight, you see m ft. Should the duration of my university studies bea any indication, I am really very German. By train, by car or by coach? It's a completely different.

The city has been carved out by its past, and the local residents are like no other in the country. Have a lovely time with them while sharing warm conversations and great food!

In one room, several European Jewish families are presented with their lives and photos and the date of their deportation. During this very informative tour, he discovers the history of the Jewish community in Germany and how the anti-Semitic ideology developed within the National Socialist Workers Party. More commonly referred to as the Film Museum, this is one of the most interesting museums in Berlin. Berlin is great year round, just pack for the weather and remember Free Berlin Tours run year round!

Your local host will personalize your day and will only show you the things you would most like to see in Berlin! Finish the day with by chatting away with your awesome host!