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You could have a serious accident. The belt will automatically retract to its stowed position. Excessive speed, under inflation, or excessive load- ing, either separately or in combination, can cause heat buildup and possible tire failure.

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Replace air cleaner filter. Transmission Over Temp Light During sustained high speed driving on hot days, the automatic transaxle oil may be- come too hot. The lighted arrow in the display window will show the new direction. Al- ways use the correct seat cover specified for the vehicle. Do not check oil level before starting the engine after it has sat overnight.

Check spare tire for proper pressure and correct stowage. The reasons for any rapid or unusual wear should be corrected before rotating.

Power acces- sory delay can be cancelled by opening the door, if this happens the rear wiper will stop at its current position and will not go to park. You are urged to read these publications carefully. Grasp the mini latch plate and pull the belt over the seat.

Set the blower at high speed. Autostick General Information ratio. With a manual transmission, shift the transmission into reverse.

Dodge ram diesel automobile owner's manual pages. Greetings from Caliber Club Russia! In any case, you should add CaliberForumZ. The latest is for the Caliber but can be used for reference for other years. After the chime turns off, the land of stories pdf the engine will still be critically hot until the light goes out.

Do not spray cleaner directly on the mirror. Check spare tire for proper pressure and cor- rect stowage. Another storage bin is lo- cated on the outboard side of the steering wheel can hold small items like parking cards for easy access. This device may not cause harmful interference. Turning the volume control to the right increases the volume and to the left decreases it.

Damage to the vehicle may result if tire chains are used. You can also turn the Temperature control to maximum heat, the Mode control to floor, and the fan control to High. If leakage is detected, Check the fluid level by removing the fill plug.

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Page indicated by the Brake Warning Light which will turn on when the brake fluid level in the master cylinder has dropped below a specified level. Inspect engine air cleaner filter, replace if neces- sary.

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Replace engine air cleaner filter. Overfilling the brake fluid reservoir can result in spilling brake fluid on hot engine parts and the brake fluid catching fire. Position the lap belt across your thighs, below your abdomen.

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Depress the power door lock switch to lock the doors. This setting is good for main- taining comfort while reducing moisture on the wind- shield.

Choose one of the three Universal Transceiver buttons to program. Pull the strap forward to move the seat forward and flat.

Select the button you wish to lock onto this station and press and release that button. Driving with your foot resting or riding on the brake pedal can result in abnormally high brake temperatures, excessive lining wear, and possible brake damage. Wiper Control Intermittent Wiper System Use the intermittent wiper when weather conditions make a single wiping cycle, with a variable pause be- tween cycles, desirable.

Fill the reservoir with windshield washer solvent not radiator antifreeze. These abnormal wear patterns will reduce tread life resulting in a need for earlier tire replacement. Any release of the switch will stop the movement and the sunroof will remain in a partial open condition until the switch is pushed and held rearward again. During Express Vent operation, any movement of the switch will stop the sunroof. Never put any part of your body under a vehicle that is on a jack.

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Ask your dealer for these numbers and keep them in a safe place. Fan Control Use this control to regulate the amount of air forced through the system in any mode you select. Tilting the steering column while the vehicle is moving is dangerous. If you skip more than one gear while downshifting or downshift at too high a vehicle speed, you could damage the engine, transmission, or clutch.

Dodge 2007 Caliber Owner s Manual

Dodge Caliber Workshop & Owners Manual

When cleaning the rear view mirror, spray cleaner on the towel or rag that you are using. Defrost Air is directed through the windshield and side window demist outlets. Mist Feature Washer Control Mist Feature Push down on the wiper control lever to activate a single wipe to clear the windshield of road mist or spray from a passing vehicle. Enter the vehicle and close the door.


Dodge Caliber Workshop & Owners Manual

In an accident a cargo cover loose in the vehicle could cause injury. Remote Control Mirrors Switch Mirror Directions To adjust a mirror, turn the control wand toward the left or right mirror positions indicated. Refer to Fluids, Lubricants and Genuine Parts for correct fluid type. Materials Added To Engine Oils The manufacture strongly recommends against the addi- tion of any additives other than leak detection dyes to the engine oil. The system will provide mechanical steering capability if power assist is lost.

This is called Express Vent, and will occur regardless of the sunroof position. They want to know if you need assistance. This will allow cool air to enter the beverage cooler. Side airbags also work with seat belts to improve occupant protection. Be sure it is locked before driving.