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Insert the handle B and wheel wrench F in the slots provided. Have it inspected and repaired. If the temperature rises to a safe level, the message will clear. Although your vehicle has a number of theft-deterrent features, we know that nothing we put on it can make it impossible to steal.

GMC Envoy Owners Manual PDF

GMC Envoy Workshop Manual PDF

Things that can burn could touch hot exhaust parts under your vehicle and ignite. The power indicator light will illuminate when the power is on.

Instrument Panel Instrument Panel A. You may also feel or hear the system working. Anti-lock Brake System abs Avoid needless heavy braking. Be sure the engine is not running at high speed when shifting your vehicle.

GMC Envoy Owners Manuals

General motors company envoy automobile owner manual pages. Gmc envoy automobile owner manuals pages. This button allows you to manually adjust the fan speed. Keep this booklet with your Owner Manual for easy reference. Please read this information and your Owner Manual to.

Before you close the door, be sure the belt is out of the way. Page Keeping your mind on the drive is important for safe driving. The radio lights will also be on. If any removable convenience item is not secured properly, it can move around in a collision or sudden stop.

Stalling can also occur if you get the tailpipe under water. Find the top tether anchor. See Recommended Fluids and Lubricants on page for more information.

2006 GMC Envoy Owners Manual PDF

Do not let the other end touch metal. Electric Adjustable Pedals.

GMC Envoy Owners Manuals

Look at the silver-colored band inside the fuse. Lift the seatback up to return it to the upright position. Ease off the accelerator and then, if there is nothing in the way, steer so that your vehicle straddles the edge of the pavement. When you drive over bumps, rocks, or other obstacles, the wheels can leave the ground. Press this button to play a station you have programmed on the radio preset pushbuttons.

If the pressure cap is not tightly installed, coolant loss and possible engine damage may occur. Page Do not exceed the maximum allowable tongue weight for your vehicle. Maintenance Schedule Oil Pressure Gage United States The oil pressure gage shows the engine oil pressure in psi pounds per square inch when the engine is running. Pull the handle, located on the center of the second row seatback, up to release the seatback and fold the seatback forward.

The extended model will include an additional extension. Air pressure is expressed in pounds per square inch psi or kilopascal kPa. You can be seriously hurt if your shoulder belt is too loose. Why Safety Belts Work In most states and in all Canadian provinces, suzuki swift manual pdf the law says to wear safety belts. Be sure the socket end of the extension C connects to the hoist shaft.

Your wheel could fall off, causing a serious accident. The compass is now in zone mode.

They are the brakes, the steering, and the accelerator. Firmly set the parking brake. If you slam the door on it, you can damage both the belt and your vehicle. The system check includes the airbag sensors, the airbag modules, the wiring and the crash sensing and diagnostic module. If you must drive, turn off all unnecessary accessories.

Press this button within three seconds after inputting a number to clear the number s. Press down on the back of the panel to lock it in place. At faster speeds, water splashes on the ignition system and your vehicle can stall. One of the best ways to control your vehicle is to control your speed. So please read the following and note how you drive.

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Do not wash the vehicle in the direct rays of the sun. Place the handle, extension and wheel wrench onto the jack. The harness system holds the infant in place and, in a crash, acts to keep the infant positioned in the restraint. Change Engine Oil Light Change Engine Oil Light If equipped and this light comes on, it means that an oil change and other maintenance procedures are required for your vehicle.