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It is your operation and maintenance bible for your Corvette. Page Jump Starting If your battery has down, vice city codes pdf you may want to use another vehicle and some jumper cables to start your Corvette. Send a private message to corvettemaster.

Xyou stop or have to turn quickly, or if there a crash, they'll keep, going. If the antenna does not go down when you turn the radio off, it may be damaged or need to be cleaned. This will prevent the mast from possibly getting damaged. With a clean cotton cloth, wipe the window using an up-and-down or side-to-side motion. As always, we want to make sure this is available for free to download.

Press down on the blade assembly pivot locking tab C. This will give you better access to the bulb. Page thc Road Problems ucket Always use the special wheel nut socket when using the wheel wrench provided with your vehicle. Send a private message to bogus.

LapShoufrter Belt The driver has alap-shoulder bdt. Gently pull the battery out of the transmitter. It burns violently, and that can cause very bad injuries. So much water build up under your tires that they can actually ride-on the-water. Turn it counterclockwise to decrease volume.


As you can see the owners manual is almost exactly the same in the first few years. Overall though, your owners manual is your quick reference guide to your Corvette. We find that when we work on our cars having the owners manual for easy reference is invaluable. Manual Seats Pull up on the lever in front of the seat to unlock it.

Page This Part is Organized The remainder this part is divided intu five secti. Safety Belts Seatback Latches Both seats fold forward to provide you access to the rear area.

When the panel gets wet, you should dry it off. It also tells you some things you should not do with safety belts. Raise the entire seat higher by pushing the control toward the center of the vehicle. Limit turns behind the wheel to about miles two hours at a sitting. Turn the pressure cap slowly counterclockwise left about one then stop.

Press the button with the fan symbol on it to manually lock in the current fan speed and to stop the automatic fan speed control. Pull the parking brake lever.

Corvette manual

Corvette owners manual

Your dealer will know need. Then replace the pressure cap. Keep changing to a clean section of the cloth. Note that the double D symbol will appear on the display.

Engine Oil Before closing the hood, be sure all the filler caps are on properly. Then turil off -the ignition. It can take a second or two, or even several seconds, for your eyes to readjust to the dark. With Powerglide automatic.

Chevrolet 1999 Corvette Owner s Manual

Place the wide end of the fuse puller over ihe plastic end of the fuse. Vehicle Hook-Up Attach a separate safety chain around the outboard end.

It meamthat your engine coolant has overheated. This sets your parking brake. Environmental Protection Agency wmlranty or. These could cause you to lose control and crash.

Some add on electrical equipment can keep other components from working as they should. This section tells you when to perform vehicle maintenance and what fluids and lubricants to use. To increase volume, turn the knob clockwise.

Electric Engine Cooling Fans B. Never get under your vehicle after it has been lifted by the tow truck.

Corvette owners manual

You can also learn about some things you should not do with air bags and safety belts. The sun and rain can damage the seat material and other things inside the vehicle. Dampen a clean cloth with mineral spirits or equivalent solvent. For the console release button to work, if you have an automatic transmission, P P.

Also lubricate Body Lubrication hood, rear compartment, glove. Locate the lifting point B on either side of your vehicle to jack the vehicle according to the illustration shown.

1991 Corvette Owner s Manual


Snow can trap exhaust gases under your vehicle. After releasing the latches, return the sun visors to the forward position. If you never look at your instrument panel, you may not see something important, such as a warning light. You also might want to turn the system you have a passenger remaining in the vehicle. The system checks itself and tells you the light if there is problem.